LimitsHow to win poker at micro limits
How to win poker at micro limits
6 months ago

How to win poker at micro limits

Players who prefer to play at micro limits often cannot pick up the pot due to incorrect tactical actions at the table. The successful position of a game directly depends on the correct strategic actions. In case of their absence, a player is doomed to collapse.
The main problem lies in a player’s action
Most of the so-called “micro-limiters” are characterized by obvious straightforward actions. In order to figure out the opponent’s cards, it is enough for them to bet pre-flop. Players who have weak cards will quickly be eliminated from the general circulation, and only opponents who have potentially successful cards on their hands will remain on the post-flop. In the future, the situation will depend on the combinations that appear on a table.
Right poker player’s actions on micro limits
Despite the fact that micro limits are distinguished by low stakes and, accordingly, low bankroll, a player should not get involved in the struggle for winning with a bad hand. Money likes peace, so a confident rally is a result of having a strong card combination. The thing is that on the way to the river, a poker player, who has a weak hand, may already lose part of the pot. Then a player does not want to stay a little amount of money left, so he agrees to any challenges of the opponent and as a result, he loses everything.
It is also highly desirable to study the behavior of opponents at a particular table before entering the game. An intellectually developed opponent will force a player to seriously doubt the strength of the high-level pair. The opposite situation happens with low skilled players who pay all the poker player’s moves and, in case of failure, with a vile face loses everything they have. From this, we can conclude that micro limits can bring a good gain to a player who will easily distinguish fishes from sharks.
Actions against strong opponents should always be careful. Each situation must be treated as an individual. In such cases, stamped strategic moves will not work.

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